Avoca eau de parfum

Avoca eau de parfum

Avoca eau de parfum


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Avoca eau de parfum

Mens (unisex) Parfum spray

The meaning of Avoca is generally taken to be “the meeting of the waters”, widely known because of the famous song by Thomas Moore. In the Vale of Avoca, 4 rivers meet and then run into the sea.

Avoca Parfum is the first men’s (yet unisex) spray in our Parfum and Cologne line. Forming part of Carera’s “Parfum/Cologne” collection – a new category invented by our blenders and founders to give clients the luxuriousness of a concentration (between 15% and 20%) but with the freshness of an eau de cologne – Avoca Parfum will transform you into imagining yourself walking among the coastal forests that run from central California to Alaska, breathing in the cool, fresh air. These temperate forests are warmed in the winter by Pacific storms, and cooled in the summer by blankets of fog. You take in the smells of the Douglas Fir, Redwoods, Hemlock, and Cedar, as you walk over the fern- and lichen-carpeted ground. Our Coastal Cedar Pine scent takes you there, infused with notes of pine, citrusy conifer, and ocean air.

The vibrant opening of Cedarwood, Vetiver and Fir Needle, is followed by a fresh infusion of Tangerine & Juniper Berry that balances the aroma with the incoming Sandalwood and Amber notes, the smell will have you feeling like you are sitting on pier at the mouth of the Klamath river on the California Redwood Coast.  This Parfum is Strong enough for the man but yet subtle enough for the adventurous woman!

Avoca Parfum Fragrance Notes

vetiver, cedarwood, tangerine, sandalwood, amber,  juniper berry, pine and fir needle

1.7 fl oz spray (48ml) 80% Alcohol Content

Ingredients: organic grain alcohol, blend of exotic and essential oils

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