Bath Bombs

Bath Bombs

Bath Bombs


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Our bath bombs are cruelty-free & vegan so you can leave your guilt outside of the bathtub.  They melt away as well as fizz and leave your skin soft and smelling wonderful.  They are loaded with shea & cocoa butter and sunflower oil to provide your skin with adequate hydration to even the driest skin!

Ingredients:  sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, epsom salt, corn starch, shea butter, cocoa butter, sunflower oil, polysorbate 80, mica colorant, and a blend of Fragrance Oils and/or Essential Oils.

Breathe Blend: Eucalyptus EO + Peppermint EO

Boho Dreams: Patchouli EO +  Vanilla EO

Caribbean Escape: Amber EO + Sandalwood EO

Delicate Petals: Blushing Violet Oil + Rose EO

Green Goddess: Sweet Pea + Ivy Oils

Lavender Lush: Lavender EO

Lemon Zest: Lemongrass EO

Mango Tango: Mango Oil + Orange EO

Mermaid Kisses: Bergamot EO + Vanilla EO

Sunrise Sunset: Frankincense EO + Lemongrass EO + Geranium EO


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Breathe, Boho Dreams, Caribbean Escape, Delicate Petals, Green Goddess, Lavender Lush, Lemon Zest, Mango Tango, Mermaid Kisses, Sunrise Sunset


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