Get Drenched Combo Kit

Get Drenched Combo Kit

Get Drenched Combo Kit


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Get Drenched Combo Kit will be sure to take you away like you are on vacation.  The products included are Uplifting Bath Soak 16 oz, Lemon Peppermint Body Scrub 8 fl oz, Moisturizing Body Lotion Stick 2 fl oz, and our Awesome Shaving Butter 4 oz.  This combo kit will leave your skin glowing with moisture and smelling like you just came from a day at the Spa.

Sit back and relax! The blend of pure essential oils found in Carera Bath Soaks can help you decompress and unwind after a stressful day. The unique crystalline structure of the pink himalayan sea salt naturally absorbs more of the essential oils for a highly concentrated, effective bath. When added to warm water, the aroma of the fills the air, mentally transporting you to a serene mindset  for a moment of tranquility. Take time to quiet the world around you and prepare for some much-needed beauty rest.

Directions for use:  Pour a generous amount into bath, then stir salts into water until dissolved. Therapeutic fragrance will permeate the rising steam.

Carera Organix Lemon & Peppermint Body Scrub will gently exfoliate your skin and remove old & dead skin cells with our blend of mineral rich, pink himalayan sea and epsom salts which is carefully infused with organic oils, nutrients and vitamins.

Our Unique 4 in 1 Formula will transform your skin making it silky soft, healthy, radiant and feeling completely energized!

  1. Exfoliate fine grain, mineral rich, 100% pure pink himalayan sea salt (gentle but powerful)
  2. Cleanse organic essential oils work like microscopic cleansing agents
  3. Nourish nutrient dense ingredients feed your precious skin
  4. Moisturize infused with skin softening oils and butters results in ultra-soft & smooth skin

Indulge in a skin pampering experience that will soften your skin like no other body scrub has done before.

Our Moisturizing Body Lotion Stick is a multi-vitamin powerhouse made with correcting Vitamin C, reparative Vitamin A, and strong moisturizers with the intense benefits of CoQ10 as it works to combat daily damage and signs of aging.

  • Packed with 36 Natural and organic powerful ingredients filled with nutrients, vitamins, oils and herbs to leave your skin soft, replenished and healthy
  • 98% organic ingredients
  • Animal cruelty free
  • Sustainable ingredients

Combine precious natural substances and cutting-edge technologies in a sumptuous buttery balm. Uncovering the secret of Vitamins and antioxidants blend, Carera Organix creates this supercharged skin formula.  Selected for its antioxidants and protective potential, as PURSLANE completes the formula. A luxurious response to anti-aging and dry, damaged skin, our Butter Balm will leave your skin regenerated and densified, as it glows with youthfulness & a complexion of radiance as dark spots are diminished.

How to Use:  Place a small amount of butter balm into hands and massage over whole body until completely absorbed daily. “A little goes a long way with this product”

Super Silk+ Shaving Butter

  • MOISTURIZING+ FORMULA – Formulated with 9 powerful moisturizing, anti-inflammatory, and vitamin-rich agents that dramatically improves your shaving experience;
  • Shea Butter
  • Sea Buckthorn Oil
  • Aloe Vera
  • Hemp Oil
  • Rice Bran oil
  • and other powerful ingredients

REAL-WORLD PROVEN – With the POWER of our moisturizing+ agents, Super Silk+ Shave Butter was developed for all skin types. Made with 98% Organic ingredients

  • UNIVERSAL & INTIMATE – Because Super Silk+ is formulated for the entire body, it can also be safely used on any other parts of the body including the most intimate areas of the body. Helps soften even the most coarse body hair, such as pubic area or underarm hair.
  • RASH GUARD – To prevent razor bumps, in-grown hairs, razor burn, or rash caused by traditional shaving products, MOITURIZING+ agents softens the hair, and forms an invisible shield on your skin to deliver close shaves that do not leave marks or damage your intimate skin.
  • PH BALANCED – PH level is between 3.5 to 4.5 Our advanced formula helps maintains a healthy balance

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