Healthy, Shiny Hair Combo Kit

Healthy, Shiny Hair Combo Kit

Healthy, Shiny Hair Combo Kit


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Healthy, Shiny Hair Combo Kit includes a choice of an 8 oz Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse (Lemongrass Tea Tree, Citrus Mint or Soothing Lavender), our hair volumizer .11 oz, and our hair balm 4 oz.  This awesome kit will renew your locks, add some volume, and give you the ability to create your perfect style.

Our concentrated Organic Apple Cider Vinegar hair rinse is infused with certified organic herbs and organic essential oils which are great for the hair and scalp

Organic, raw, non-pasteurized vinegar appears cloudy with sediment on the bottom due to the “mother”   

  • clarifies as it conditions the hair and scalp
  • removes residue
  • revitalizes dull hair
  • naturally decreases tangles
  • Lavender helps with scalp conditions like dandruff and dry, flaky scalp and stimulates the scalp to promote hair growth
  • Rosemary strengthens hair follicles, stimulates hair growth, conditions hair and helps treat scalp conditions like dandruff
  • Burdock Root maintains and promotes a healthy scalp, encourages hair growth, improves hair strength adds body and shine
  • Horsetail is nourishing and hydrating. It stimulates blood vessels in the scalp and has been used for centuries as a hair growth herb. The silica in horsetail helps to keep hair strong and adds shine and luster to hair
  • Basil stimulates hair follicles, increases scalp circulation and promotes hair growth. The magnesium in basil helps protect hair from breakage, and its anti-inflammatory properties help soothe the roots. Basil adds luster to dull hair
  • Tea Tree Essential Oil helps treat dandruff, soothe dry flaking scalp, promote hair growth and unclog blocked hair follicles
  • Lemongrass Essential Oil helps strengthen hair follicles, fight hair loss and soothe scalp conditions

To use: Vinegar rinse should be diluted

  • Shake well before use
  • Add 4 ounces Warm water to a seperate cup
  • Add 2 Tablespoons of Herbal Vinegar and mix
  • Pour or spray through wet hair after shampooing
  • Massage into hair and scalp
  • Keep in for 5 minutes then rinse
  • Rinse, or for extra conditioning, leave in and towel dry

For our hair balm:

For daily styling and moisturizing, section wet or dry hair & place a small amount onto your fingertips and then rub into your palms. Massage hair balm root to ends to ensure complete coverage. Can also be used on dry hair to control frizz & untamed pieces.

For our hair volumizer:

For maximum volume, use on clean, dry hair. Lightly shake on your head (approx. 2-3 gentle shakes throughout your whole head). Use your fingers to evenly distribute the product throughout your hair. THAT’S IT!

*Comes in a biodegradable shaker bottle*

net wt: .11 oz

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Citrus Mint, Lemongrass Tea Tree, Soothing Lavender


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